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The LIFANA Nutrition Solution helps maintaining a healthy weight and prevent muscle loss as the metabolism is changing with age and eating habits eventually need to be reconsidered. Users of the LIFANA solution simply follow personalized meal plans (including breakfast, lunch, dinner) so that it is not necessary for them to keep a meal diary or count calories in order to reach a weight goal. The recommendations are made by the system using a large database of tasty and healthy recipes, created by professional dietitians, for which all nutrients are precisely known. LIFANA helps to target a caloric and protein intake goal according to the recommendations of the WHO on food and nutrition, based on  height, weight, gender and age. To balance food with individual lifestyle, the solution includes the GoLive clip to measure the activity level. This clip further improves personal safety through a fall prevention and -detection application.


The AAL project LIFANA started in May 2018 and ended in June 2021, including an 8-month extension. The developed software has been licensed from Fraunhofer by NIUM and research continues since 2023 in the Horizon Europe project HealthyW8.

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