• LIFANA start date

    LIFANA start date
  • LIFANA Kick-Off meeting (LIST, Esch/Belval, Luxembourg)

    LIFANA Kick-Off meeting (LIST, Esch/Belval, Luxembourg)

    The kick-off meeting of the Lifelong Food and Nutrition Assistance Project (LIFANA) took place on 7 and 8 May. The project, led by Christoph Stahl of ITIS's Human Dynamics in Cognitive Environments Unit (HDCE), is part of the European AAL (Active and Assisted Living) programme. The programme supports, through national funding agencies such as the FNR in Luxembourg, innovative and transnational projects carried out in partnership with SMEs, with the aim of improving the quality of life of the elderly.

    During the kick-off, the 19 members of the project team agreed on their method of work and coordination, discussed the first deliverables and reviewed their work plan for the next three years. The two days were also an opportunity for the partners present to visit the laboratory of the HDCE unit before heading to visit Belval and Luxembourg City.

  • AAL2BUSINESS Business Coaching Workshop (AAL Headquarter, Brussels, Belgium)

    AAL2BUSINESS Business Coaching Workshop (AAL Headquarter, Brussels, Belgium)

    In this AAL2BUSINESS Workshop, organised by our coach Tuomas Nikoskinen, our Team (Christoph Stahl, Katja Verbeek, Krizia Ferrini) learned about the Business Model Development toolkit and discussed about the integration of the business models of Gociety, Cereneo, and LIST. The coach helped us to identify questions that need further elaboration. Besides the business aspects, the brainstorming lead us to new insights on meal recipe recommendations and how to make the LIFANA nutrition solution more attractive and desirable to end users.

  • 1st General Assembly, Porto

    1st General Assembly, Porto

    The first General Assembly was hosted by the LIFANA project partners SONAE and Santa Casa in Porto, Portugal.

  • AAL Forum 2018, Bilbao

    AAL Forum 2018, Bilbao

    We will join this year's AAL Forum in Bilbao with several activities: First, we will join the AAL2Business Workshop. Second, Christoph Stahl will present a poster about LIFANA, and third, organise the 6th Workshop on Mobility Solutions.

  • 2nd General Assembly, Porto

    2nd General Assembly, Porto

    The second General Assembly was hosted by Fraunhofer Portugal, again in Porto. One major topic for discussion was the preparation of the field trials in Portugal, Netherlands, Switzerland.

  • 3rd General Assembly

    3rd General Assembly
  • SEMANTICS Conference

    SEMANTICS Conference

    Christoph Stahl presented the LIFANA project at the SEMANTICS 2019 conference in Karlsruhe, Germany. He described the integration of different data sources, such as the EuroFIR Food Composition data bases and recipes, into a semantic food knowledge model. The presentation is published online at the conference website. 

  • AAL Forum 2019, Aarhus

    AAL Forum 2019, Aarhus

    LIFANA has been presented at the booth of project partner Fraunhofer Portugal. Christoph Stahl from LIST was also present to organize another workshop on mobility.

  • EFAD Conference

    EFAD Conference

    Krizia Ferrini from cereneo presented the project LIFANA at the EFAD conference in Berlin. Chistoph Stahl from LIST joined her to learn more about the needs of dietiticians. They received very positive feedback from the audience.

  • 4th General Assembly at Cereneo

    4th General Assembly at Cereneo

    The LIFANA consortium has met for its 4th General Assembly at the cereneo stroke rehabilitation clinic in Vitznau, Switzerland.

  • ESPEN Congress

    Dr. Krizia Ferrini presented on behalf of LIFANA Team an abstract at the 42°ESPEN 2020 Virtual Congress of the European Society for Clinical Nutrition and Metabolism.

  • 5th General Assembly (virtual event)

    Due to the COVID restrictions, the 5th General Assembly was organized as virtual event. The partners Fraunhofer and LIST presented a summary of the recent technical achievements. Torsten Bohn from LIH explained the preliminary results of the field trials in The Netherlands, where the second trial has ended. The partner further presented their dissemination and exploitation activities. 

  • Project extension period

    The project will continue for 6 months to finalise and evaluate the delayed field trials.

  • LIFANA at EFSA Conference on Food Safety

    Torsten Bohn and Christoph Stahl presented LIFANA at the Virtual Conference on Research in Food Safety, organized by EFSA.

  • Milestone M.4.

    Milestone 4 has finally been achieved on 26.01.2021 by the end of the 12-month field trials in Portugal.

  • 6th General Assembly (virtual event)

    6th General Assembly (virtual event)

    The 6th General Assembly officially closed the project LIFANA after the 6 month extension period. The agenda was focused on  reporting and the preparation of the final review. LIH presented the results of the field trials in NL and PT. Santa Casa explained their final study, which evaluated the user experience of LIFANA's e-commerce integration with SONAE's Continente supermarkets in Porto. The partners further discussed their exploitation strategies after the end of the project. 

  • European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing 2021

    European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing 2021

    The project LIFANA is exhibited at the European Week of Active and Healthy Ageing, 18-21 October  2021.

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